Roy Gunderson
Gender: Male
Current Status: Alive
Professional Information
Occupation: Chief of Police, New Holvang
Personal Information
Episode Chronology
Episode: The Murder of Sherlock Holmes
Played By
Actor: Ned Beatty

Roy Gunderson is the Chief of Police in New Holvang. He arrived at the country estate of Preston Giles to investigate a murder. Gunderson is a veteran law enforcement official who is serving as New Holvang's Chief of Police in his final years prior to retirement.

Murder InvestigationEdit

In fall 1984, Chief Gunderson was called to the country estate of Preston Giles to investigate a murder. The presumed deceased being Caleb McCallum, a seafood mogul and CEO of Captain Calebs.

The Murder of Sherlock Holmes
Primary Characters: Jessica Fletcher | Grady Fletcher | Preston Giles | Kit Donovan
Secondary Characters: Peter Brill | Ashley Vickers | Louise McCallum | Roy Gunderson
Murder Victims: Dexter Baxendale | Captain Caleb McCallum

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