Pamela Crane
Pamela MacGill-Crane
Gender: Female
Current Status: Alive
Professional Information
Personal Information
Spouse: Johnny Crane (deceased)
Relatives: Marshall MacGill (father)

Jessica Fletcher (aunt) Frank Fletcher (uncle; deceased)

Episode Chronology
First Appearance: My Johnny Lies Over the Ocean
Played By
Actor: Belinda Montgomery

Pamela MacGill-Crane, Jessica Fletcher's niece, as well as Jessica's brother, Marshall MacGill's daughter, appears in "My Johnny Lies Over the Ocean". She is portrayed by Belinda Montgomery.

My Johnny Lies Over the OceanEdit

Pamela MacGill-Crane, traumatized by her husband's death, suffers from nightmares where she relives Johnny's suicide. During her time on the cruise, she stumbles across various objects reminding her of Johnny, which nearly drives her to hysteria.