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DVD Information:
Number of Episodes: 22
Format: PAL
Running Time (Approx): 17 Hrs 11 Min
List Price: £29.99
Number of Discs: 6
Region 1 Release Date: July 31, 2006

The Dust JacketEdit

"Get ready to open another chapter of TV's most beloved crime series, Murder, She Wrote, with all 22 entertaining episodes from The Complete Third Season! Acclaimed actress Angela Lansbury won a Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Drama in this season, and it's no big mystery to see why. From international espionage to insurance scams to murder in the air, Jessica Fletcher (Lansbury) is the only one clever enough to read between the lines and see the clues nobody knew were there. Along for the chase are a stunning line-up of guest stars, including George Clooney, Courteney Cox, Leslie Nielsen, Tom Selleck and many, many more. It's a mystery lover's dream come true!"
— From The Back Cover of the DVD Boxset



Front Cover

"Death Stalks the Big Top, Part 1"
"Death Stalks the Big Top, Part 2"
"Unfinished Business"
"One White Rose for Death"
"Corned Beef & Carnage"
"Dead Man's Gold"
"Deadline for Murder"
"Magnum on Ice"
"Obituary for a Dead Anchor"
"Stage Struck"
"Night of the Headless Horseman"
"The Corpse Flew First Class"
"Crossed Up"
"Murder in a Minor Key"
"The Bottom Line Is Murder"
"Death Takes a Dive"
"Simon Says, Color Me Dead"
"No Laughing Murder"
"No Accounting for Murder"
"The Cemetery Vote"
"The Days Dwindle Down"
"Murder, She Spoke"

Special FeaturesEdit

Special Features:
The Great 80's TV Flashback - A retrospective of 80's TV Shows coming to DVD
"Novel Connection" - An Episode from season seven of Magnum P.I. which is the first half to the Murder, She Wrote episode "Magnum on Ice"
Classic & Cult TV On DVD Trailer - A Trailer featuring Shows which have been released on DVD by Universal Playback

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