Marge Allen is the murder victim, that said the wrong things at the wrong time. Not much is known about her except that she has a son named Ronald, who is a state senator. She was a member of a J. B. Fletcher-fan club, and had IDs in Jessicas name. She suspected that a dog that has won prices at an contest was trained by a professional, which was cheating. So she broke in a kennel to find evidence, which she found. The dog was really trained by a professional named Simon McCauley, but she got caught at the scene. To spare her son for the scandal, she used Jessicas name to the police and was later bailed out by her friend Kit. After that she went to the McCauley house to confront them, but unknown to her, there had been a murder few seconds before her arrival. Simon McCauley was shot to death by his wife Lisa and her lover Mitchell Lawrence for the Insurance, they had forged in his name. And when Marge came and told Lisa that 'she had caught them', they feared that she knew about the murder and killed her to shut her up. They used Marge's car to stage her death as an accident. But Jessica hear about her imposter and arrived to Brannerton to figure out what was going on. And because of that, the truth of Simon and Marge's deaths were revealed.

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