Gender: Female
Current Status: Deceased
Professional Information
Occupation: Maid
Personal Information
Episode Chronology
First Appearance: Something Borrowed, Someone Blue
Played By
Actor: Conchata Ferrell

Harriet Lundgren was the housekeeper for Donna Mayberry's parents, before Donna married Grady Fletcher. She was murdered on the day of the wedding. Valerie, who was married to Donna's uncle Ziggy, murdered Harriet, because Harriet recognized her as a former employer named Mrs. Parker. Mrs. Parker disappeared after her husband's funeral with the insurance money. Mr. Parker's death was in mysterious circumstances and was investigated by the police. It's unknown if Harriet was still in the Parkers' employement by that time or even knew of Mr. Parker's mysterious death, but Valerie decided to silent Harriet, before she either said too much or tried to blackmail her, since Valerie claimed to have never been married before marrying Ziggy.