Carol Donovan
Carol Donovan
Gender: Female
Current Status: Alive
Professional Information
Personal Information
Episode Chronology
First Appearance: We're Off to Kill the Wizard
Played By
Actor: Anne Kerry

Carol Donovan, another one of Jessica's many nieces (it is not clarified whether she's on the McGill or the Fletcher side), appears in We're Off to Kill the Wizard. She is married to Bart Donovan, and they share to two children, Billy and Cindy. She is portrayed by Anne Kerry.

While visiting her niece in Chicago, Carol Donovan, Jessica is invited to meet "Horrible" Horatio, creator of several medieval theme parks. Carol and her husband, Bart, are caught in Horatio's death, when Bart gets a call at home and his captain requests that Jessice come along. Th captain says that he believes it was murder, but he can't figure out how the killer escaped. There are no windows in the office and the door was bolted from inside. The captain asks for Jessica's insight, but she says she has no ideas.

The next morning, Jessica goes back to the crime scene for another look. Bert calls her there and the security guard answers the phone in Laurie's office. Jessica picks up the phone in Horatio's office to talk to Bert. She notices a light on the phone indicating her line is active. She takes off the back cover of the phone and finds that one of the wires has been cut.

Everyone goes upstairs, where Bert explains what Jessica thinks happened. Carlson argued with Horatio and either fell or was hit on the head, which killed him. Carlson knew he'd be the main suspect because he was the only one working that night. He went back to his own office and got his pistol, then programmed his phone to forward calls to Horatio's phone. When he got back to Horatio's office, he cut the wire in Horatio's office so the phone wouldn't ring. He also disconnected the light bulb in Laurie's phone so that the line wouldn't light up when he answered Horatio's phone. When the guards broke down the door, Carlson waited until they were distracted, then snuck out of the room, only to come running back in a few seconds later, appearing as though he was coming from his office.

When Jessica leaves to go back to Maine, Bert and Laurie accompany her to the airport. Once there, Jessica gives Laurie the check for $100,000 that Mrs. Baldwin gave her, then boards her plane.