Abby Benton Freestone
Gender: Female
Current Status: Alive
Professional Information
Occupation: Animal Trainer
Personal Information
Episode Chronology
First Appearance: It's a Dog's Life
Played By
Actor: Lynn Redgrave

Abby Benton-Freestone, Jessica Fletcher's cousin, appears in It's a Dog's Life. She is portrayed by Lynn Redgrave.

Jessica is visiting her cousin Abby at the Langley Estate in Greenville, Virginia, when the estate owner Denton Langley dies after a fall from his horse. Abby is suspicious, convinced that something went wrong with the horse that Langley's death was not an accident. Jessica agrees to stay with Abby for awhile longer, and to look into who may have killed Denton Langley. After Langley's will reveals that he left everything to his dog, Teddy, the family is determined to get their hands on the money by having the dog declared a murderer.

The sheriff finds a whistle that belongs to Abby, so he arrests her and Teddy for murder. Jessica discovers the real killer's identity by demonstrating that Abby's whistle is an ultrasonic whistle and would not have been audible through the loudspeaker. During a demonstration with the whistle, Marcus Bowell is soon discovered to be the murderer.

Abby made plans to leave the farm and go home to England.


  • Jessica's cousin Abby Freestone Benton, a Capricorn, is introduced during this episode as a horse trainer.